Parsnip is proud to be one of the many restaurants in the Greater Boston Area (and nationwide!) that has implemented a “kitchen appreciation fee.” There is a huge disparity throughout the hospitality industry between front of the house employees (servers, bartenders, server assistants) and back of house employees (line cooks & dishwashers.) This means that even with competitive hourly wages, back of house employees are often times walking away with far less money than their front of house team members — especially on busier, more challenging services. To help offset this disparity, many restaurants have either raised their pricing in efforts to raise hourly wages for the back of house (which only further widens the wage gap and doesn’t necessarily translate to higher wages,) or have begun adding on a fee that goes directly to the back of house employees, as we have. The entirety of the 3% kitchen appreciation fee goes directly to our hardworking kitchen associates, and makes a big difference for them. We thank you for your continued support in helping to make the hospitality industry one where all employees can continue to grow and thrive. Should you have any further questions regarding this fee, please feel free to ask one of our team members for more information.